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Review for Call Me, Maybe by Ellie Cahill

Call Me, Maybe - Ellie Cahill

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This novel is exactly what the summary describes it to be, a sweet romance. I flew through this novel, devouring it with a day or two. It’s funny and fast-paced, with just the right amount of angst to keep you on the edge of your seat. But not too much angst that has you rolling your eyes at it’s ridiculousness. I think that’s a problem with a lot of contemporary/new adult romances, they give you angst overload. I mean, yes, conflict is key. A story with no conflict has no purpose to move it forward, but let’s be real here. We read romance to watch couples overcome the odds and fall in love, not battle for their life from the horrors of the world and fall in love along the way. In romance, the romance is the main idea. Anyway, I’m getting a bit off topic. None of that is present here. Cahill writes a romance that keeps you turning the pages without the eye-rolling.


I must admit that one of the biggest reasons I wanted to read this is that Ellie Cahill is a pseudonym for Liz Czukas. I loved Liz’s Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless and desperately wanted to see what she did in a more adult setting. While I didn’t love this quite as much as TTCYC, I did enjoy it quite a bit and would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a good romance.


Clementine was a character I could empathize with. While I didn’t come from an obscenely rich background, I have always struggled to decide where I fit into the world. And watching Clementine make that same struggle endeared her to me quite a bit. I mean, she has the means to do nothing with her life but live it up and party or stay at home read all the time (a nice dream for all us booklovers, I must admit), but she doesn’t want that. She wants to work and feel like she’s earned her living and that was nice to see. She just couldn’t decide what it was exactly that she wanted to do. They don’t pay people to read, do they? Clementine, dear, I feel you and I know that the struggle is real.

Justin is smart, sweet, and driven to succeed at his career. I liked him pretty quickly and the flirting between him and Clementine on the phone was just swoony.


I really liked how the ending worked out with the relationship. I can’t really say much more about that. I will also say that my only real issue with this was how easily things worked out for Clementine job-wise. That all happened too quickly and much too easily than what I would expect for real life.


Besides the ending that wrapped up a bit too quickly for my liking, this was a nearly perfect novel. I think everyone who likes contemporary/new adult romances will love this.


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