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Review for All Over You (Devoured #0.5) by Emily Snow

All Over You (Devoured, #0.5) - Emily Snow

Sienna Jensen does all kinds of internet research when she gets the job assisting wardrobe for Your Toxic Sequel’s latest music video, but she learns nothing that will help her when she comes face to face with the band’s lead singer. Lucas Wolfe is not used to hearing no, but when Sienna refuses to go on a date with him, he’s determined to turn that particular no into a yes. He has three days to make it happen before the video ends to make Sienna his next conquest, before she walks out of his life forever.

Like all good prequels, this just leaves you wanting more. The ending leaves much to be desire and I immediately starting reading the next book. You don’t get enough to properly gage Sienna’s or Lucas’s personalities, beyond Lucas’s need to be in control and Sienna’s normally submissive nature. Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? Nope because Lucas seems to be the one person she can tell no. You’ll have to read on to book two to see if they ever work it out.