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St. Dragon Girl, Volume 1 - Natsumi Matsumoto My very first manga. I must confess that I've never gotten into them before. I took several different Japanese language classes in high school, but never could get into manga or anime, despite my best efforts. However, a few weeks ago, I came across a used book store that had a great selection of manga and decided to give it another go. I must say I'm rather satisfied with this decision because this was adorably cute and very funny.

Momoka Sendou and Ryuga Kou have been friends since childhood and though it's clear to everyone that there is a deeper attraction there, Momoka refuses to acknowledge it. This makes for quite a few embarrassing, hilarious moments. Ryuga seems to be aware of her attraction and is constantly teasing her about it, but when danger strikes, he's always there to save her. It's a pretty amusing fantasy type manga with adorable drawings. It also has the appeal of being one of the few mangas I've seen that features a protagonist with a small bust.

I have already purchases the next two in this series and can't wait to dive in. Momoka and Ryuga better end up together in the end!