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Fever - Lauren DeStefano At the end of Wither, Rhine and Gabriel manage to escape from Linden’s mansion, but unfortunately things don’t instantly improve once their outside those walls. Rhine isn’t much of a planner and her plan was simple, escape this life. She didn’t even consider what she should do once she accomplished that, so her and Gabriel just trapeze around trying to stay alive landing them right in the middle of the Scarlet district where the Madame has whores for everyone mans need, depending on how much he is willing to spend. Rhine fights to stay alive and out of the prostitution ring and when they finally escape, they are determined to make their way to Manhattan and find Rowan…but I think we all know it won’t be easy.

It was definitely a thrillride, I’ll give you that. I can honestly say that I had no idea where this one was going to lead so congrats on keeping me in the dark. The characters are the same as last time, with a few new additions, most noteably Silas and Maddie, both of whom were pretty interesting. I really can’t say much more than it was amazing because I would give away too many spoilers. So much happens here. If you enjoyed Wither, definitely give this one a try!