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(technically) DEAD - Naomi Kramer Cooper’s dead and is shocked as hell to discover that Heaven is technologically challenged with not a single computer in site. Fuck that, he quickly returns back to Earth to walk around bored and confused until Linda shows up with orders from on high to help his lardass find peace.

I was a huge fan of the first story in this series, Dead(ish) and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. Though I don’t particularly like Cooper, he’s story was quite amusing and you still get plenty of Linda’s bad attitude to help it along. Trent also makes an appearance and that had me over the moon because I loved him in the first one. My only complaint is that this seemed shorter than the first one. But then, I felt like the first one was a bit short as well….and it’s probably only because I just want more of Linda & Trent!

If you liked Dead(ish) or are into comedic stories with tons of foul language, this is definitely for you!