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20 Times a Lady - Karyn Bosnak I will preface this by saying that I saw the film way before I read the book and that makes me bias. For the record I adore the film...but come any film where you get to see this:
multiple times is a film I can't help but love. Plus I just love Chris Evans in general.

Anyway, this book follows Delilah Darling on her journey to track down all her ex's to avoid raising the number of men she has slept with. She reads an article stating that the national average number of lovers women have is 10 and since her number is literally twice that, she starts to have a bit of a breakdown. She enlists her neighbor to help her track them down and then sets off to drive crosscountry to confront them and see if there is anything redeeming about them.

I was not very impressed with this novel. I hated Delilah. HATED. She is stupid and immature and I just wanted to slap her. The stupid girl buys a dog just to have an excuse to run into an ex at a dog park. Maybe I am just a dog nut, but I hate seeing people get a pet that they have no idea how to care for.

It did make me laugh a lot, but it didn't have anything super special to keep my interest. Now that I really think about it, it had the things that normally make me love a novel. It was funny, it has a happy ending, and a decent amount of romance. I just didn't love it. The only parts I really enjoyed were the few scenes between Delilah and Colin.