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The Wild's Call (Aspect of Crow, #0.5) - Jeri Smith-Ready The world collapsed seven years ago and Elysia has just been trying to get by ever since. When Darien steps back into her life urging her to come with him on the journey towards their spirit animals, she tells him that he’s nuts. But she really has nowhere else to turn, so she goes anyway.

Like the dystopian novels that are flooding YA right now, this book had me fascinated by its world. The world has collapsed and now there appears to be no form of governments and its basic survival of the fittest. While I found myself enraptured in this world, I wasn’t all that crazy about the two main characters. Though Elysia’s mistrust of everyone is well founded, I just can’t get around her mistrust of Darien, someone who was her best friend for the past ten years until one drunken night ended in disaster. And Darien seemed to come off as the typical “save the world” hero type. Nothing really new or exciting about that.

I just didn’t love this the way I thought I would. I still hold high hopes for Eyes Of Crow, but this didn’t up the level of excitement like I expected it to.