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Stargazer (Evernight, Book 2) - Claudia Gray Well...ummm...remember that thing I said at the end of my last review about Bianca growing up? Scratch that. She may have had a moment or two of maturity but in this novel, she reverts back to her inner 5 year old Bella Swan personality. Bianca is my biggest issue with this series. I really don't like her, she's very one dimensional.

In this installment of the Evernight series, Bianca returns to school while trying to sneak off campus as much as possible for clandestine meetings with Lucas. Things at school get more complicated because it is now being haunted by wraiths (ghosts) and they seem to target her specifically. Then Balthy catches her trying to sneak back on campus after a Lucas meetup and, in a interesting twist, ends up helping her by pretending that they are dating so he can legitimately take her off campus. But Bianca swears to Lucas this is just a ruse to fool Mrs Bethany and her parents and there is just no way she will ever be attracted to Balthy like she is to Lucas. ::mutters:: lying bitch.

She does the typical stupid heroine thing and gets in a huge fight with Lucas, tells him to leave, and then cries when he does. What did you expect? Him to stick around after you've made it blantantly clear that you don't need him? Those of you looking for some more Bianca/Lucas action will get it. Those of you looking for Bianca/Balthazar action, well you'll get some of that too.

All in all, I like most of the story. There are a few twists that I didn't see coming and I won't give them away here. You want to know? Go read the book or read a spoiler.

My only other big complaint is the further I get into this series, the more I'm reminded of Twilight:
Book 1: Human & vampire fall in love
Book 2: Boy leaves girl and girl (unknowingly) starts to fall for another guy.

My prediction for book 3: Girl trying to decide between the 2 guys

Book 4: I know from the summary that it's about an epic battle between 2 major forces....