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Nevermore (Nevermore #1) - Kelly Creagh When I first started this book, it came off as a little cliche, I mean it is yet another story of a misunderstood goth kid and a preppy cheerleader falling for each other. I kept reading however, because a good friend kept raving about how awesome it was. The further I got, the more I liked it. Varen irritated me a little jumping between hot and cold and being outright mean to Isobel when she is making an effort to help him, but I liked him somewhat. The story is interesting and different and has just the right amount of suspense to keep you wanting more. Then I reach page 500 and my jaw drops and I cannot believe how it ends. I won't spoil it for those who haven't read it, but I will say that if you are looking for a happy ending, steer clear of this one because it is anything but happy. Maybe the sequel will make up for it, but after that ending, I'm a little weary of reading the sequel for fear of a worse ending.

Oh and random small irritation. In the story, Isobel is always commenting on Varen's dark green jacket and on the cover he is in a black jacket. Small thing, but it bugs me.