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Chocolat - Joanne Harris I read this book because I loved the movie. Once I found out the film was based on a book, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. Needless to say, I had high expectations. They weren't completely satisfied, but neither were they completely disappointed.

Mmmm...mmmm...I'm not sure what to say about this book. Did I enjoy reading it? Sure, because it was relatively interesting. Was it what I expected? Not even close. For whatever reason, this book never captured my full attention. Though it was very interesting and well written, it just didn't entrall me the way I expected it to.

What I liked? I loved the first person narrative. I also enjoyed how it jumped from the heroine, Vianne Rocher's (the chocolate shop owner), perspective and her enemy's, Francis Reynauld (the town priest). I also loved the side stories, like Josephine leaving her husband and Armande becoming closer to her grandson, Luc. I loved most of the characters and how even though Reynauld is the antagonist, you do feel sympathetic to his cause because in a way, he is just trying ot do what he thinks is the right thing.

What I didn't like? Mmm...The way the past was hinted at, but rarely ever fully explained. Reynauld apparently set fire to a few gypsy's boat and killed 2 people as a boy, but it's never really explained. There are several other things that were never mentioned except in passing. I also disliked the fact that Vianne sleeps with Roux when she is fully aware that he is starting a relationship with her good friend, Josephine. Even though it gives Vianne another child, it should not have happened in my opinion.

I do think this book is worth a read, and I'm sure there are people who who adore it.