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Jane Eyre - Charlotte Brontë This book was both better and worse than I had hoped it would be. Better because it was written in first person, which I adore, and because it was in relatively easy to read language. Honestly, the way it was written reminded me of a modern day young adult novel. It was worse because I couldn't really identify with Jane. I get the passion for Rochester and I was sympathetic towards her trials as a child, but, well, in all honesty she was just too christainy for me. The whole book was God help me with this, God help me with that and it seriously irked me. Jane as a whole irritated me as well. When she leaves Rochester in the middle of the night without giving him time to make things better, I wanted to smack her. She ran away with very little (and I mean VERY LITTLE) money and no where to go, expecting some magical force to see her through. Ick.