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Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris With massive amounts of vampire romance novels out today, it's good to know there is at least one truly good series.
Charlaine Harris' spin on the supernatural world is a very good one. This is the first book in her Sookie Stackhouse series and it has not only romance, but suspense and murder as well. This book is told in an alternate reality where vampires have "come out of the coffin" and announced their existence to human kind. As the world is acclimating itself to this revelation, murders are happening in Bon Temps and nobody can figure out whose doing it. Sookie (our first person narrator) is a twenty something who has a disability. She hears other people's thoughts and this makes dating more than a little difficult. So when she discovers that vampiric minds are silent as the grave (so to speak) to her, she seeks to be in the company of Bill, Bon Temps first vampire. All in all, great storyline with plenty of romance and suspense.

To fans of the TV show, as in most things, the book is very different than the show. Some characters are the same, but things progress differently and some characters act differently.