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Sunshine - Robin McKinley This book was very good and not at all what I expected. I was expecting something between The Vampire Diaries and Dead Until Dark. This book is like neither of those. Rae "Sunshine" Seddon is a baker for Charlie's Coffehouse. She is kidnapped by a clan of vampires and literally chained to the wall across from Constantine, a vampire also held captive be the clan. They eventually escape, but in the process awaken Sunshine's past regarding the magically element of her family that she has all but forgotten about. This story draws you into Sunshine's world. It's a world where any number of dark or magical forces (vampires being the worst) have always existed. And she is not the typical heroine because she doesn't want adventure and she isn't what anyone would call brave. All she wants out of life is the bake great food at Charlie's and read about paranormal activity from the comfort of her rented rooms. But that isn't how it happens.