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Fallen - Lauren Kate This book is horrid, I can't even come up with a good enough word to describe it. Take everything Stephenie Meyer did wrong with Twilight, multiply it by 100 and you have this worthless excuse for a novel. Hey, at least I enjoyed Twilight while I was reading it. This book had me groaning and seriously wanting to harm the heroine. The only thing they did right was have a great cover art, which caught my attention enough that I read this book despite having read tons of bad reviews.

The first 300 pages of this book are boring and cryptic at best. It's your basic girl torn between two fallen angels deal, one is charming and nice to her and the other is brooding and mean, but she feels an "unexplanable" connection to him. The last 100 pages (if you get through to first 300) are slightly better, more action, but still leaves you with too many questions.