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How I Created My Perfect Prom Date - Todd Strasser Well, this is the book that the movie "Drive Me Crazy" is based off. Unfortunately, this book goes in the category where I enjoyed the film more than the book. It's similar in a lot of ways, but completely different in other. Like, Nicole & Chase never had a big falling out and it never discusses what happened to Chase's mom. Ray is completely different, he is a big pot-head and ends up having to go to rehad after driving a car into one way traffic in the wrong direction. Chase & Dulcie never dated, just a few noncommital makeout session.

Some elements are the same. Nicole's mom & Chase's dad are exactly the same. Brad & Alicia go to prom together. It was pretty good, but it definitely could have been better. Then again, what did I expect from a 200 page teen novel?