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Review for The Double Life Of Incorporate Things (Magic Most Foul #3) by Leanna Renee Hieber

The Double Life of Incorporate Things - Leanna Renee Hieber

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In this final installment of the Magic Most Foul series, we see Natalie and Jonathan battle their foes one last time.  The couple is determined to end the society responsible for the dangers drug labeled "The Cure" which claims to cure the ailment of Melancholy and working on resurrection of long dead spirits.  Not to mention the raising of murderous demons.  But in order to shut them down, Jonathan must once again play the role of the demon that once wore his face, which makes everything indefinitely harder because he hates the role and Natalie can see he plays it a bit too well.  Is there still a bit of the demon left in him?  Will good defeat evil, or will evil prevail?

Natalie has lost a bit of her confidence in this novel.  Though her and Lord Denbury are still completely in love, there is friction in the relationship that causes Natalie much stress.  Is it possible she could lose the man she fought so hard to free?  They work it out in the end, but they struggle for a while.  Natalie has to really take others into account when making decisions here, more so than before.  She is quickly realizing that her every decision affects everyone around her.  She's still haunted by nightmares, but those nightmares feed her clues that will *hopefully* help her band of misfits bring down the society.  What really made me continue to sympathize with was her constant concern over Maggie.  Even though Maggie made some bad decisions, Natalie has a great need to make things right between them.

Then there is Lord Denbury, who is just as charming as ever, if a bit more controlling.  He's trying to state his independence, which is admirable, but it constantly requires him to leave Natalie out, which doesn't please anyone involved, reader included.  Jonathan doing what he thinks is right is swoon-worthy, but the overbearing need to protect Natalie that was absent before rears it's ugly head here.  He gets over it by the end, but it's more than a little irritating.  

Nathaniel Veil, my other favorite character, gets a bit more facetime here.  Can I just say I love him?  Here is a man that follows his own path and doesn't care what anyone has to say about it.  He's so compassionate about helping those who are similarly afflicted with melancholy.  I loved watching him try to protect his group of friends.  

This novel is the perfect ending to the trilogy, except the one character death.  The writing and story-telling is just as beautiful as it has been in previous novels.  Trying to puzzle out what the society was up to and their master-plan had be on the edge of my seat.  I can't wait to get my hands on the spin-off series that's up next!

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